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male psychotherapist florida

About Me

I am a psychotherapist who helps people understand and deal with the intense emotions in life. Whether this be sadness, anger, despair, grief, anxiety. I help people understand the cause of their intense emotions, provide strategies on how to deal with these emotions, and help people towards a future where this problem is no longer an issue. 

Prior to becoming a psychotherapist and moving to Florida I spent several years doing sales in California. I ultimately found this to be unfulfilling and decided I needed to make a career change. I really enjoy helping people work through their issues and it brings me great joy to have clients see progress. Especially when it comes to helping people find a more fulfilling career, as I know how draining and unfulfilling this can be. 

In my spare time I love being outside. I really enjoy playing sports, camping, hiking, and skateboarding. I also love taking road trips. I do at least one every year. The picture above is me at the Grand Canyon during a road trip I took from Huntington Beach, CA to Orlando, FL. 

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