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Trauma and EMDR Therapy

Trauma can leave deep and lasting impressions on our minds and bodies, affecting our daily lives and relationships. Through EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy, I aim to help you process these traumatic experiences, fostering healing and reducing their emotional impact. Together, we will work towards restoring your sense of control and peace, enabling you to move forward with resilience and strength


Career Counseling

Do you feel dead inside every time you go to work in the morning. Do you wish that you had a career that gave you a sense of purpose and filled you with passion? I help work with people to understand the cause of their unhappiness in their current career. I then work with people to find a career that aligns with their personal values and fills them with a sense of passion. Finally, I help people with steps on how to achieve this career goal.

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Anxiety and Depression

Do you feel a sense of anxiety and despair that constantly looms over your head? Are you confused as to why you feel this way and are looking for relief? I conduct a thorough assessment of people to understand the underlying causes of your depression and anxiety. We then work towards resolving those issues to prevent them from happening again. Finally, I help individuals help build a future that is purposeful and meaningful which is free from anxiety and depression.

depression counsellor

Couples Counseling

Do you and your partner find yourself constantly fighting? Do you feel like the love has fizzled out in your relationship? I work with couples to understand each partner's understanding of the issues and goals they would like to work towards. I then help couples implement strategies that allow them to communicate better, understand one another, and deal with conflict in a healthy productive manner. I help couples go from constantly arguing with one another to a place in which they are mutually supportive of shared goals.

relationship counsellor

Assertiveness and Boundaries

Do you feel like people constantly violate your personal or professional boundaries? Do you feel as though there are times when you would like to stand up for yourself but can’t find the right words? I help people to understand and define what their boundaries are. I then work to help people defend these boundaries in times of extreme pressure. Finally, I help people express their needs in an assertive manner without being too rude or aggressive.

boundaries and assertiveness

Anger Management

Has your anger harmed you or other close relationships in your life. I work to help you understand the underlying cause of your anger, help provide coping strategies to deal with anger in the moment, help repair relationships that your anger has damaged, and help you channel your anger into more productive means.

anger management therapist
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